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Norske Eskorte

Norske Eskorte


Username: eskorte
Description: Finn norske eskorte
Category: Norway
Member Since: 2013-06-23

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Average Rating: 3 / 5
Number of Ratings: 6
2013-07-20 01:57:37
some judgement of crteacahr and risk can be made I don't believe that, and by the number of women raped by men I'd say most women would agree you can't sniff out rapist men from the non-rapist men. This point of view puts the onus on women to prevent their own rapes by avoiding bad men, and in doing so removes responsibility from men not to rape. Men are not a force of nature women have to bend themselves around to stay alive, they are human beings and they should be held to the standard of humans and not rabid, out-of-control animals. the woman can be seen by others with that man That will help with identifying the body later, but it does nothing to stop punter's violence in the first place. Again, the onus seems to be wholly on women preventing men from raping women instead of teaching men not to rape and holding them accountable when they don't stop.You didn't reply to my assertion that making public policy under the threat of increased male violence is caving to terrorism, which is the crux of the prostitution problem. Might makes right is not any feminist philosophy I'm familiar with agrees with, so why the exception here? Men's threats of violence should not result in men getting what they want and have no right to demand from women. Feminists don't seriously consider shutting down abortion clinics in the name of healthcare worker safety no matter how murderous prolife men have been and will undoubtedly continue to be because threats of violence are terrorism and women's rights depend on standing up to threat-making men. Men's threats to kill sex workers more if female bodies aren't kept available for their penis-rubbing leisure activity is terrorism.If men playing poker committed as much prostituted slavery, AIDS spreading, child rape, sexual assault, and murder as men playing punter no one would defend pokere2€™s right to exist despite the devastation it leaves in its path. I cannot agree that the life-ruining global human rights violations perpetrated against tens of millions of women and children are acceptable costs to provide a form of mene2€™s entertainment. Womene2€™s bodily integrity, sexual autonomy, and lives are worth more than a few moments of dicksticking amusement for men. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be saying that if society lets men have the whores they want then those kerb crawlers will stop torturing, raping and murdering sex workers. You're a feminist- tell me a time when the strategy of appeasing violent men has spared women from violence. As I type this a wife somewhere is making dinner with trembling hands hoping it will be good enough to prevent her husband from punching her and calling her a useless slag, but he will punch her anyway because women can never please men enough to stop the violence they're intent on perpetrating. Women have been trying to appease men out of their violent fun forever and it has always been met with cruelty, abuse, and femicide.Maybe if we completely decriminalize being a wife it will appease men out of committing domestic violence and marital rape at epidemic levels.

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